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Dry-Cleaning Equipment

Innovation and flexibility in Theobald company dry-cleaning equipment

The TJ CLEAN ironing table is an indispensable equipment for dry-cleaning salons. The ironing table has extraordinarily fast and safe built-in pneumatic parts in the control unit. With a built-in photocell start the ironing speed is increased. Based on the suggestions of major customers, the ironing table contains all the necessary accessories.


Vacuum and Blowing Ironing Table

  • Built-in steam generator is a standard feature.
  • The table is also available without steam generator.
  • Right-hand side and left-hand side operation. Special utility shape with highly air-permeable covers.
  • Unique and fast system to change from vacuum to blowing.
  • Fibreglass ironing board with electric heating.
  • Photocell start of vacuum or blowing.
  • Electrically heated swinging sleeve arm including vacuum and blowing.
  • Pneumatic and automatic switchover of vacuum and blowing between main board and sleeve arm.
  • Electrically heated steam iron with solenoid valve unit.
  • Special rack for hangers.
  • Overhead lamp.
  • Adjustable height.


Stainless steel spotting arm with air-steam gun

The TJ SPOTTING MASTER Cabin is an indispensable equipment for your plant or workshop. At development of the equipment we have considered the suggestions of our major customers. Non-polluting construction, simple operation, affordable price.


Spotting cabin, non-polluting construction, execution in compact inox-box

  • Easy to handle, quickly to learn, stable structure simple settling
  • 2 built-in gun suspension springs with easy movement with bearings, running on teflonated rod
  • Built-in lighting
  • Two independent vacuum systems, partly for the working surface with engine of 0,55 kW partly for the cabin airspace with engine of 2 x 100 W
  • Built-in shelf for holding the chemicals
  • Pneumatic overthrow handled by foot, between the arms and the flat, perforated surface
  • Built-in tank for chemicals


  • Mounting possibility of graphited filter inset for both air-exhausting units
  • Connection for steam and air-gun with condenser
  • Soap tank working with air pressure + gun
  • Steam generator with steam gun
  • Possibility of mounting on a second arm


A TOPPER for universal usage, built-in a Box-shaped casing, reducing the damaging Environmental effects, with pneumatic operating For finishing of trousers

  • Quick operation
  • Electronic control, supervision by simple programming checking on digital control panel
  • Easily attainable operation, in advance programmed steps, control by one pedal
  • Stable construction
  • Built-in steam-superheater of 1000 W, with regulator of temperature
  • Abundant hot-air for drying of trousers
  • Continuous regulation of pneumatic tensioners


  • Built-in boiler with heating of 9, or 11, or 16,5 kW on order
  • Heatable steam brush


Quick finishing equipment of Dummy shape, with pneumatic operation, for finishing of jackets, blazers, jeans-jackets etc

  • Electronic control, supervision by simple programming, checking on digital control panel
  • Easily attainable programmed steps, simple operating by pedal
  • Stable construction
  • Programmable blowing periods for steam, steam + air and air
  • Regulating pneumatic tensioners and holders for assuring the form-keeping of dresses
  • The length of suits can change between wide limits
  • Turntable upper part
  • Turntable and in height adjustable control panel
  • Built-in air heater
  • Built-in steam superheater of 1000 W, with regulator of temperature


  • Heated steam brush


The TJ Shirt Eco is the fast, efficient and reasonably priced
equipment of shirt ironing for your salons.

TJ SHIRT ECO is an environment-friend and energy saving equipment,
as the exhausted and blowed-in air can assure also an outer connection,
over an air-channel. It is energy saving, as the shirt can be directly finished
after washing and spin-drying, therefore one can save up the drying energy
and the energy for over steaming.

  • Control by microprocessor
  • Short ironing time
  • Easy to handle
  • Efficient electrical heating
  • Pneumatic clips
  • New and practical shape
  • Small place necessity
  • Environment-friend execution
  • Built-in, intensive lighting


  • Pneumatic collar fixing
  • Air channel for outer air connection

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